Who Is Dean’s Gold Buyers?

Dean’s Gold Buyers was originally founded in 2009 although we have just recently branded our selves earlier this year! It all started when the owner and operator found himself in a financial jam and needed to sell his jewelry just to make ends meet. After a run in with a faulty company (which ripped him off) – the idea to offer a safe and secure way to sell your gold for cash was born! Without all the overhead costs of the bigger companies, Dean’s Gold Buyers is able to offer our customers the very HIGHEST prices for their gold and jewelry!

Sell Your Gold for CashStop getting ripped off by faulty companies that will take advantage of your vulnerable financial state! We know exactly how it feels to be on the other side of the spectrum when you need extra money as fast as you can get your hands on it! With tons of broken chains in your drawer, watches that haven’t worked in years, loose earrings and dented bangles – how could you ever be short on cash? We won’t let you struggle!

We offer the safest way to ship your jewelry to us! Not only do we pay for the shipping, we provide insurance for your items as well – keeping them completely secure from damage or being lost. After watching friends and family members get the run around or even worse, ripped off like Dean did – the time has come to deliver at least one fast and secure way to help yourself through such a rough economy! THIS is exactly what Dean’s Gold Buyers offers to our customers!

Deans Gold Buyers Process
Gold to Cash

We turn your GOLD into CASH!
Our process is simple and completely free.

Gold to Cash: Step 1

Step 1: Request your free gold track kit through our order form located to the right of this page.

Gold to Cash: Step 2

Step 2: Send your gold to us with our pre-postage envelopes.

Gold to Cash: Step 3

Step 3: Your gold kit gets processed the same day we receive it - then you get CASH in your hands.